School assignment at Medieinstitutet, Stockholm, 2014

Tr3 Apor (Three Monkeys) is a wine that has three monkeys as their trademark. It has recently been allowed by law to use seasonal packaging of alcoholic beverages i Sweden. Therefore, our task was to come up with new ideas of how these characters would be portrayed based on seasons or annual events. The choice of season/event was free.

For good and bad, I always want to be original. That’s why I didn’t want to choose Christmas, summer or any other "ordinary" season. Instead, I chose Earth hour. It is a nice tradition that helps to remind us to take care of our environment. Because Earth Hour is all about switching off electric lights and light the candles, I realized that one could work with light and shadow. So that's what I did. And here ’s the result.

My choice of season/event was based mostly on my desire to be original and that I fell in love with the idea of working with light instead of e.g. dressing up monkeys. From a purely marketing point of view, I realize, however (as the teacher and the client also pointed out) that the event Earth Hour is a too short "season" for selling wine.  Otherwise, I think Earth Hour is a fantastic opportunity for having a party!